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Luxury Boarding   

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At Murray Pet Resort and Spa, you can relax and find peace in knowing that your family pet will be happy and well taken care of while you are out of town.  With your choice of a large or small luxury boarding suite that is fully equipped with a TV, security camera, food/water bowls, and bedding, to our safe and clean outside play areas, your pet can relax with all the comforts of home and you can enjoy your time away.  


 We have scheduled potty and playtime every 3-4 hours so your pet will get plenty of exercise and playtime during its stay with us. We start taking dogs out around 6am and try to have the last dog out to potty by 7pm or 8 pm depending on the number of dogs we have and the weather outside.  We will not take dogs out if it is lighting since it is not only a danger to your dogs, but also to our staff.    If you don't want your pet out of the room, you are welcome to bring puppy pads to place in their room.  We also offer leash walking if your pet cannot be let off a leash for any reason.  If your pet will not come to us off a leash and likes to run away when it is time to go up, we will have to keep your pet on a leash so that other dogs will be able to get their scheduled potty and play times  as well.   

All dogs are required to be current on their annual vaccines which are DHLPP, Bordatella, and Rabies.  Cats are required to be current on FVRCP and Rabies.  We will NOT allow any sick (as in contagious) pets and/or any cats that have tested positive for FELV or FIV.  Owners are also responsible for anything that their pets break or tare up during their stay with us.

We also offer cat boarding suites with different levels for climbing and playing.  Each cat room has webcam access for the pet parent and there is a large fish tank on the wall as well as a tall multi level cat tree for climbing and playing.  


Daily stays will be charged per pet, but we will offer a discount for multi-pets from the same household boarded in the same room together as long as they get along and they have enough room.

We also offer top notch on site spa services so you can schedule to have your pet bathed in one of our luxury all natural shampoos and conditioners, fully dried by hand-NO cage dryers.  We also offer ear cleaning, pedicures-with and without polish, and gland expression.   All of our bath packages come with pedicures-no polish, and a leave in conditioner and pet cologne.      Make sure to stop by our pet boutique and pet bakery where you pick out the perfect toy, or get your best friend a special all natural treat from our in house bakery!  Our bakery can make personalized cookies, and cupcakes for your dogs special occasion! Please call us at least a week ahead of time if you would like to place an order for custom cookies or cupcakes! 

​***Starting 9/1/18, we will no longer be able to offer complimentary webcam access.  We have had some issues with our server going out during thunderstorms  and our server has been hacked into since it is an open gateway for people with passwords to view their cameras.  These problems along with an annual increase from our hosting server, we will no longer be providing this complimentary service.  Our cameras will still be active and serve as a security camera, but will not be broadcasting through our server anymore.***